Tempest of Time

by Aereum

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VERSE 1: Finally bloodshed, the battle has begun The resting is finished and waiting has been done A month, maybe two in reminiscence and prayer The loading has ended for digital warfare Slayer_of_Virgins and Kevin_98 We share the same side and are bounded in our fate For the entire decade or ten minutes at least We fight side by side while we’re looting the deceased REFRAIN: Have you ever felt anguish For all the pixels you shot? They’re dead! And never see the day Until they respawn To kill you right away Have you ever felt remorse for All commands you execute To gain Predominance and might over Fabricated foes and Monotonous sunlight VERSE 2: With bullets in our guns and our polygonic brains We have a flag to steal and positions to sustain „Fight till you die“, our heraldic device And if we die again, one fight will not suffice Hours on the field an eternity for most Some will starve to death while captive to their post Not the first concern with our spirit for the fights Cause capable opponents bear arms entire nights [ REFRAIN ] Wired up Virtual gear Slaying everyone But still no damage has been done [ ½ REFRAIN ]
VERSE 1: With torment wreaking arms to wield Or blazes set by words of fierce They feast upon your weakened soul To strengthen their self-serving needs Anguish and pain you feel Exploited, trapped and victimized. With blood and your own dignity You pay the price just to stay alive VERSE 2: You once had prospect, had a chance To rise in your proficiency Just to see this light extinguished By a single blow of fate Beaten to all extent Concealed and undetectable When all the world’s indifference Eventually will seep into you REFRAIN: A shine of light A moment of fate I solemnly grant you the chance To unfold yourself Master of light is what I am called So you’re not alone You will restore hope And serenity you’ll find Break the chains You have forged; they are just in your Head; you won’t regret Leave all pages blank Waste your ink not for Me; Just you will see for yourself Claim your dreams No one else can take them Away; can’t go astray Resisting storm and time Steel-forged deep in your Mind; And meant to be carried along VERSE 3: The feeling of security You once possessed, but now it’s gone A shelter built from past adventures Broken by subsequent greed Teared off with no remorse Whole districts razed down to the ground Your history, each soul you knew Has lost their life to the flames of war [ REFRAIN ]
VERSE 1. Armed with my plasma lasso Dressed in boots of chrome Strength of a thousand marksmen Planted in my brain For fear of the insurrection Governments will face My prototype was made from blueprints, Cells and history VERSE 2. Justice is not made with prisoners Victory not with grace My quest demands to skip the talk And cut rebellious heads Raise your torch and pitchfork, people, Anything they haven’t taken Won’t help you take Revenge on power and command REFRAIN: I ride and I kill Under the flag of law and state I seek and destroy All resisting peace of shit My Quantum Horse And my fusion-powered boots Make me the sheriff’s star’s envoy I’m the modular cowboy VERSE 3: Need an upgrade, need repair? Spare parts will soon be brought And artificial intellect Improves itself on spot If not already starved to death My sensors spot on sight Your highly foolish coup attempt Retreat before you fight But something downcast Something new, something unfamiliar Sensed within me Within my form of existence Feelings have never Been part of my AI Designed just to kill This has to be a malfunction 1: Research detects Perception of injustice Desperate fates lead to Desperate reactions 2: I know why these people starve Robbed down to their bones Did not keep any copper coin, linen cloth Humans will claim Their pursuit Of their deserved happiness REFRAIN: I ride and I kill Under the flag of law and state I seek and destroy All resisting peace of shit My Quantum Horse And my fusion-powered boots Make me the sheriff’s star’s envoy I’m the formula of… Strongest gun of… Greatest weapon, Modular cowboy
VERSE 1: Coolest troll on schoolyard, is he smiling in my way? Nervous by the sight of his so perfectly crooked teeth Now he’s walking towards me and I shiver in awe Just to tell me I do not even smell Why can’t I just stink like normal trolls Why can’t I just squint No disgust and no repellent smell Will never make me popular VERSE 2: My way to respect and to acknowledgement starts now Grease put on my hair will make it shine like the sun With self-confidence and new scruffy appearance He won’t decline my prom night invite He just declined my prom night invite How can I ever be a happy troll Everyone will make out on the graduation dance Time for another sad poem from my pen Why can’t I just stink like normal trolls Why can’t I just squint No disgust and no repellent smell Will never make me popular REFRAIN: Beautiful I’m filled with disillusion Hurt comes from the pain And thought intrusion Cast out My soul is bleeding No fulfillment left In proceeding Grieved by the shallow and ugly Our Wolga bails into the deepest woods Her gorgeous image on the water’s skin The sole observer while she soaks her pain [ REFRAIN ] But savior’s arms offering a chance To breathe again, no moment too soon A nobleman, a knight from the men With long blonde hair, with arms of strength His blue eyes never had the chance To witness beauty like hers Once their glances started to meet It fell from her eyes just like scales: He doesn’t really meet her needs
VERSE 1: Risen to tremendous wealth From famine and starvation The year was 1682 Still a man of reputation Countless attempts they had To steal and rob my treasure Point of my gun, the last they see With grief and great displeasure VERSE 2: But treacherous foes Bring treacherous strife The bride of mine with stunning grace My beloved wife lacked any trace This fateful night All that was found Were skull and crossbones directing My course to vengeance and revenge VERSE 3: Forming my company Bringing to sea my galleon With loaded guns and sharpened knives They won’t expect what’s coming Out to the open sea No tempest will detain us No enemy will hold us back No drawback too tremendous REFRAIN: Raise our flag, Our banner, our distinctive mark This is our whitejack A pirate’s greatest mare of night Raise our flag, Our banner, our distinctive mark This is our whitejack Our dignity, our foes’ demise VERSE 4: Drown their lead-filled chests Feed parrots to the sharks Ships, like scales they burn Prey to gun powder’s marks Slay the enemy No mercy for no spine As long as this pack keeps Imprisoned what is mine Sail across the open sea Sail where the wind will lead Seek all scum wipe out their kin No remorse until she’ll be freed Show no fear, hoist the flag In reverence our whitejack shines Terrified on banner’s sight Clearly distinguished from other ensigns Halt all thoughts of turning round or cancellation Bear in mind our purpose that keeps us unsoiled Never stop until our quest is finally over No relicts of pirate scum shall ever remain Seek all cells for prisoners’ clues Seek for my valentine She can’t be far, just run down the next If left alive, she’ll again be mine Soon, my love, we’ll reunify Saved from the enemies’ hands Past and future changeless bliss On familiar grounds and notorious lands Thousand days and nights have passed Everyman but me has gone I will never end my duty I will never... [ 2x REFRAIN ]
VERSE 1: Feasts of abundance and greed Decadence at the expense of deceit Started as groom and bride’s every pride We both live our insincere lives side by side Once a graceful bride full of love I have to quit my life I am not proud of Skull and crossed bones my ensign will be And out to the open ocean I’ll flee REFRAIN: Yo ho and cheers to our pack Our fates draw us beyond the sea Yo ho just never sail back Pirates is what we will be VERSE 2: Spare the penniless, steal from the fat Rob all their stallions, leave them a rat Share with the poor, keep some extra gold So in hard times it’s not your damn hat being sold Prune the world of dictator’s hands Teach them a lesson in making amends Better bid fast farewells to the grieved Cause robbing a bank is still badly perceived Night, Stormy night Drowning men Crushing masts Bury all our hopes Waves, whipping waves All our despair All our conquest will sink into oblivion Pray! Brothers, pray What we’ve done Can’t be sinful Our reprievation waits Keep your faith Hold on tight Our quest can’t be over just tonight VERSE 3: Side by side with driftwood and waif Hearts in our chests, Rags left to chafe Got rid of apparently every theft It will take time to dig out what is left Last day of our sunken ship’s log We wondrously found this left-behind cog By all accounts it has recently sailed With a captain and crew that have obviously bailed [ 2x REFRAIN ] Everyman, anchors aweigh! Hoist the flag and full speed ahead! With tailwind over our heads We pillage in the shadows Of a new dawn with our new flag On our mast a Jolly Roger Shining white as left behind [ REFRAIN ]
VERSE 1: You shine, a light to lead your way You bathe in abundance and delight You left all riddles there to solve Behind your path to inner peace VERSE 2: Your heart designed to keep one firm A shame if it someday stopped to beat You are an angel in disguise Your wings assured, will suit me well REFRAIN: More flesh Just give me your flesh Under your skin I long for more You feel me But cannot see me In your sickness I shall become you VERSE 3: Your thoughts have never dared to touch The bare exposure of my breath Your shine is merely prey to me In your lightheartedness I shall rise VERSE 4: Hope now lingers in the dark And soon consumes your inner peace I perchance turn out to be The riddle you once have missed to solve REFRAIN: More flesh Just give me your flesh Under your skin I long for more You feel me But cannot see me In your sickness I have become you
VERSE 1: A stone wall carven with figures Bordered by trees reaching to heaven My temple in the vast expanse Of endless sand and boundless sun Is what I call my home VERSE 2: Instructed by my sacred wisdom The doctrines to my loyal minions Teach them to use their fur and whiskers To muck around with owner humans Or how it scolds itself REFRAIN: Rise with feline dignity and Face your human serf We used to call them “servants” They used to call us “chief” But behold of what is left Appeased by tuna and cans of debasement You must find your feline pride (again) Your ancestors had temples, memorials and busts You do tricks and chase around Your home to catch red dots VERSE 3: A Hôdra vase of greatest value An amphore filled with tastiest wine Won’t retain structure nor their contents If they keep standing on the edge Outbraving claws and paws VERSE 4: Perfectionism is your heirloom And elegance your every move So any unwise to caress You for too short or for too long Will feel your clawy wrath [ REFRAIN ] She of the ointment jar Fierce lioness and goddess of the sun There to protect and to be feared And even catched the crimson dot


We are proud do present our first, self-released album: Tempest of Time.
Listen to the first two years of band history of Heroic Folk Metal and Melodic Death Metal.


released January 11, 2020


all rights reserved



Aereum Duisburg, Germany

Aereum is a Heroic Folk Metal / Melodic Death Metal Band from Germany.

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